Best Things to Watch When You’re Stuck in Bed with Chronic Pain

Best Things to Watch When You’re Stuck in Bed with Chronic Pain

Living Life with CP

Every one who has a chronic illness likely has experienced days when they have not been able to get out of bed because of their pain or feeling sick. It may seem unimaginable, but it can be easy to become bored when you spend days in bed — even with the internet!

Here’s a break-down of the various things I like to watch on days when I’m stuck in bed.


Netflix is a chronically ill person’s best friend. There’s an unending selection of things to watch. I always recommend stand-up comedy first because, as they say, laughter is the best medicine. My favorite comedian is Katt Williams, I’m also a fan of Kevin Hart. People like Jim Gaffigan and Dane Cook will give you a laugh, as well.

I am a fan of binge-watching. I’m also someone who watches shows long after they were first popular. Currently I’m in the middle of Glee and Secret Life of the American Teenager.

Netflix original shows usually are worth checking out, too. Orange is the New Black is a good example. A few days ago I finished Haters Back Off and was pleased.

I really want to start watching Breaking Bad.

I’m unsure of what movies to recommend as I’m crazy about documentaries and musicals mostly.


I’m a huge fan of YouTubers and everyday-people-made content. There’s a large selection I enjoy for various reasons. I tend to be drawn toward YouTubers who make longer content. Sarah Rae Vargas, Kendall Rae, and Qcknd are some of my favorites. LoeyLane is another favorite. Don’t forget about the classic YouTubers either like, Shane. Searching lifestyle channels is always fun, too. VasseurBeauty is an amazing YouTube channel about living a minimal lifestyle. (I wrote a piece advocating minimalist culture  here.)

Cable TV

Even with the endless content that can be found online, don’t forget about actual TV. Bad TV always will find a way to cure you. Shows like Maury, Steve Wilkos, King of Queens, Everybody Loves Raymond (also on Netflix) and Dr. Phil, are always good to watch when you’re stuck in bed. Shows like Supernanny hold a special place in my heart.

I also enjoy certain networks like Discovery Health, Investigation Discovery, and the Travel/Destination American channel because I’m a sucker for various haunted/ghosts shows.

Of course, there are other ways to consume content, such as Hulu. I only had Hulu for a month, but I enjoyed watching Teen Mom and Ricky and Morty for days straight. Don’t be ashamed of your guilty pleasure shows; we all have them.

What are your favorite things to watch when you’re stuck in bed? Share your favorites in the comments below.

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