Moodnotes: The App You Must Have

Moodnotes: The App You Must Have

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Technology is such a huge part of everyone’s life today — we are connected from the moment we wake up until the moment we fall asleep — and technology today is fast and ever-changing, like fashion trends, things come and go at an alarming rate. But every now and again an app gets marked as an “essential.” A must-have app, that at least in the app store doesn’t go away, doesn’t lose its appeal.

Recently an app was launched that is so incredible, I log in every day — with reminders set for me to check in five times a day. Five times a day is a lot for an app that isn’t a social media app — this one is for you, it’s something you do for yourself. The app is called Moodnotes, marked for $3.99 in the app store. As of now, unfortunately, it’s only available for iPhone.

As many of you know, I’ve recently been diagnosed with anxiety. I have been struggling, hard. This app appeared in the “New Apps We Love” section just days before I made the decision to seek professional help to take control of my mental health, and it’s been with me every step of the way. This app, that calls itself a thought journal or mood diary, is like a best friend in your pocket.

Answer Moodnotes’ friendly questions

What happens is this: You open the app to add an entry, and it asks you how you’re feeling — you swipe up or down to either a smiling or frowning face. You could end your entry there as a quick save, or you could “add detail” if you choose to, and the app asks you what’s happening. From there, you can journal what you’re thinking and feeling in the moment. After that, you can select both positive or negative feelings and the extent to which you’re feeling them. Next, the app presses you further, asking you to either “enrich the entry” if your feelings were positive, or “check your thought” if they were negative. You follow the prompts, and can adjust your feelings if they’ve changed after you’re done.

The app will provide you with insights you unlock after you’ve used the app for a while, and after a certain amount of entries, the app will check in with you to see if you’ve learned anything about yourself you’d like to log — and that’s just the beginning! I think this app has endless potential and endless uses for people. I think one of the most useful features the app has to offer is its ability to help you identify “thinking traps,” and to help you work through them.

As I seek treatment, I’ve informed my therapists of this wonderful app and they’re very interested and think it could be extremely helpful — if nothing else, it helps to get you to the next moment in a situation where you cannot talk to your therapist or a friend. In the meantime, you have the reassurance of knowing that you have this tiny app in your pocket that can will there to get you through.

Check it out!

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