• Risperidone Is Safe, Effective to Treat Kids with Choreoathetoid Cerebral Palsy, Study Finds
  • Registry at U.S. Cord Blood Bank May Be Valuable for Characterizing Cerebral Palsy Patients, Study Shows
  • Camping with Cerebral Palsy Is Fun and Challenging
  • Core Training May Improve Posture, Walking Ability in Kids with Cerebral Palsy, Study Finds
  • Virtual Reality Could Help Upper Limb Rehabilitation in Children with Cerebral Palsy, Study Suggests
  • Making Beaches Wheelchair-accessible
  • Low-cost, Portable Arm Rehabilitation Robot for Cerebral Palsy Designed
  • After Hunting, I’ve Found Some Exciting New Possibilities for Accessible Summer Fun
  • My Experience with Adaptive Driving and Obtaining a License
  • Cerebral Palsy Won’t Keep Me from Preventing Emergencies
  • How I Deal Emotionally with Multiple Diagnoses
  • Communication Key to Improving Management of Hip Displacement in CP Kids, Survey Says

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