• Dysport Approved in UK to Treat Upper Limb Spasticity in CP Children
  • Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Foundation Awards $16K in Grants in 2019
  • The Kernel of Love: It’s Not What I Thought
  • Our Marriage Isn’t Defined by Cerebral Palsy
  • Using Virtual Reality Games in Therapy Improves Motor Function for CP Children, Study Suggests
  • In the Spotlight of My Own Life
  • I’ve Found that Substitute Teaching and Cerebral Palsy Do Mix
  • Baclofen Pumps Are Safe, Effective, and Highly Satisfactory to Patients, 19-year Study Reports
  • Magnesium Sulphate Safe to Use During Pregnancy, Analysis Suggests
  • $2.7M NIH Grant Supports Study of Interval Treadmill Training in Children with CP
  • Monitoring System May Help with Wheelchair Use in Dyskinetic Cerebral Palsy, Study Suggests
  • When It Comes to Relationships, I Refuse to Lower My Standards

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