• Caregivers Should be Taught to Manage Feeding Tube Issues in Kids with CP, Study Suggests
  • 16-year-old Girl with Cerebral Palsy Joins University of Pittsburgh Softball Team Through Team IMPACT
  • Having Trouble Sleeping? Here’s What I Do
  • Cardiovascular, Respiratory Diseases May Increase Risk of Death in Adults with Cerebral Palsy, Study Suggests
  • MyJump2 App Reliable in Assessing CP Football Players, Study Says
  • Interactive Computer Play as Rehab Is Safe for Kids with CP, Study Says
  • ‘The Upside’ Movie Is Worth Watching
  • Changes in Protein Intake May Support Skeletal Muscle Growth in CP Kids
  • Study Urges Strategies to Decrease Sedentary Habits in Teens with CP
  • Magic-themed Therapy May Help Hand and Arm Function in Children with Unilateral Cerebral Palsy, Study Says
  • Functional Communication Classification System Validated for Utility in Young CP Patients, Study Says
  • Motor Development Delay Increases with Age in Children with Dravet Syndrome, Study Shows

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