My Top Five Fave Products For Living With Cerebral Palsy

My Top Five Fave Products For Living With Cerebral Palsy

Living Life with CP

I have a confession: I will always look for a reason to write posts like these. I think they are super fun to write and I always love sharing cool products I find with other people who may need them. This edition features products that range from hair brushes to body glides and assistive devices.

  1. The Wet Brush. This is without a doubt one of my favorite finds. Now that I have one I want to tell everyone about it —  even though everyone I know is in on the secret already. If you’re like me and didn’t know about these magical brushes, allow me to tell you. It’s made for “wet hair” so that you can brush your hair right out of the shower with minimal damage to your hair. But, I’ve tried it on wet hair, dry hair, and hair with product and it comes out on top, hands down, every time. This brush is so amazing and makes it so easy to brush your hair. It glides right through! I picked one up on Amazon for $12.
  2. Body Glide stick. Another one of my favorite finds that some people seemed to already know about is by a company called Body Glide — their anti-chafing stick. I picked a “For Her” version up on Amazon for $8, but reviews of the product say there is no difference between the version for woman and the regular stick. I love this product. These sticks are super tiny and look like deodorant, so they’re easy to travel with and they don’t advertise that your thighs rub together or your hands take a beating from your wheelchair. A little bit of this goes a long way, it’s long lasting, and there’s no mess or smell.
  3. Flushable Baby Wipes. For a long time I loved the Kandoo kid brand because of how small they were, but now I’m realizing that any brand is fine. As long as they are sewer and septic safe you can use them anywhere. They are cheap and have so many uses from personal hygiene to cleaning up messes and wiping down your devices. The ones I linked here were about $3. I even carry a travel pack of them in my purse.
  4. A heavy-duty shoe horn. I’m all about multi-functions and this product is a life saver. The one I linked here is $4 on sale and sells for $10 regularly. I use this to help me get my shoes and socks on and off as that’s a struggle for me; the hand is great for not only getting that itch you can’t reach but also for all of the things you drop in the worst spot ever.
  5. Washi Tape. Not everyone will agree with this, but because it sells for only $5 and comes in a ton of different designs, I think this is a wonderful investment. Wash tape is an easy way to customize all of your assistive devices. When you want a new design to express your style? You just peel off your old tape and put on the new.

None of the products I mentioned here sponsored me for this post. I just thought it would be a fun piece to write about the products I love and would recommend to anyone. What’s your favorite product for making your life with a disability easier and more fun?

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