5 Tips & Tricks to Treat Cerebral Palsy Pain That Don’t Involve Medicine

5 Tips & Tricks to Treat Cerebral Palsy Pain That Don’t Involve Medicine

If you’ve had any kind of pain ever for any reason in your life you know that doctors, your mom, your spouse, your neighbor, etc. are always quick to push pain pills to give you relief. This is great if you have a headache, sprained your back, or got your tooth pulled. But if you’re trying to treat your chronic pain then finding a treatment solution or any kind of solution just got a whole lot messier. Yes, I know that pills or other medicines do they work and are sometimes necessary.

But here are some things you can do that don’t involve actual medicine. These are for the days where you just don’t feel like taking it or for when the pain medicine just isn’t enough.

  1. Heat. Heat is absolutely my best friend, A heated seat, a heating pad, a warm room. I’ll take it however I can get it. Heating pads are great for localized pain, for me this is usually of the ankle, back or hip region. I don’t know if a warm room actually works, but I’ve convinced myself when my hip is stiff that it does make the feeling a little more bearable. I also know that a lot of people use ice. While this doesn’t work at all for me ever, it may work for you. It couldn’t hurt to try.
  2. Epson Salt.  I don’t know who invented this miracle or what is in it, but it is great stuff. If you couple a warm bath, some dissolved epson salt, (personally I like lavender epson salt), your favorite book, and a candle, you’ll step out of that bath a whole new person.
  3. Firm or Soft? I don’t know why but sometimes resolving or easing your pain is as easy as changing your location. Sit or lay on a softer or more firm chair or bed, depending on what you need. I can tell you that with much disappointment there have been some nights where my bed is the most uncomfortable place on Earth, so I’ve slept on the floor. Whatever works.
  4. Manage your stress & stretch.  I used to laugh and roll my eyes when people told me stress can take a huge toll on your body but then I started experiencing things like finals week and figuring out how to pay bills and I discovered that actually, yes. Stress is horrible. Maybe teach yourself some mindfulness or slow breathing techniques, dealing with stress and not letting things get to you is hard. That’s why I recommend stretching, I don’t mean physical therapy session stretching, just stretch —  like you just got out of bed. Loosens you up, if only for a moment.
  5. Sometimes You Just Have to Make Yourself Comfortable. When you’ve tried it all and haven’t had any luck — through on some of your most comfy clothes, get comfy and put on your favorite show — you deserve it!

I am of course not saying any of these things are a substitute for anything you might currently be doing to manage your pain. These are just some things that help me when I’m having a rough day. I hope this post made you smile. 🙂

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