Cerebral Palsy Alliance to Undergo Digital Transformation to Improve Client Services

Cerebral Palsy Alliance to Undergo Digital Transformation to Improve Client Services

Nexon Asia Pacific will help support the Cerebral Palsy Alliance with a digital transformation to improve services for patients and families affected by cerebral palsy, autism, motor neuron disease, and other neurological or cognitive diseases, the company recently announced.

As part of the digital overhaul, Nexon — a cloud and managed service provider — will deliver an integrated high-speed network, managed security, unified communications, and managed services platform, which will be tailored to help address the Cerebral Palsy Alliance’s current and future needs.

“Our digital transformation strategy is about focusing on our clients as the centre of our business and providing the digital enablement, both internally and externally, to support our rapidly evolving services and client needs,” Dru von Drehnen, chief information officer of Cerebral Palsy Alliance, said in a press release. “We’re undergoing a major overhaul and transformation of our applications and infrastructure to address both aging technology and siloed systems that were clearly not supporting the business adequately.”

Cerebral Palsy Alliance has outgrown its current network capacity and is struggling to support its mobile workforce — especially in remote locations, according to von Drehnen. The Australian nonprofit provides an array of services to patients and their families, including clinical management and therapy, lifestyle, social and health programs, assistive technologies, supported accommodation, and day programs.

After reviewing a number of options, Cerebral Palsy Alliance chose Nexon for its integrated solution enabling better connectivity, collaboration, and productivity, as well as the ability for staff to access training materials, real-time videos, and health assessments that are part of the therapy the organization offers to patients.

“Nexon offered us the most innovative and logical approach to driving our transformation,” Von Drehnen said. “Nexon’s integrated solution suits our current and future requirements, particularly where we’re heading with the cloud. It’s about reliability, security and availability of the network. The redundancy and levels of growth that Nexon will build into the network is far beyond what we have now. This is truly a full managed service, driven by the need to free up internal IT resources to focus on transformation programs, whilst also achieving greater operational and cost efficiency for our organisation.”

Cerebral Palsy Alliance has also supported and encouraged extensive research into the prevention, treatment and cure of cerebral palsy, autism, and other similar diseases.