Walking with Children: The Upsee’s Positive Impact

Walking with Children: The Upsee’s Positive Impact

Finally, a walking device exists to aid parents and caregivers in helping children with cerebral palsy and other mobility impairments walk.

Walking is such a powerful exercise for children with cerebral palsy. It teaches patterns of walking, among other things. Additionally, the physical act of walking is an excellent way for everyone to exercise. The walking device, Firefly’s Upsee mobility harness, makes walking a child so much simpler and is easier on the backs of parents and caregivers.

Walking seemed common to me as a child and a teenager. I didn’t always enjoy walking, but I knew that walking was good for me. As funny as that sounds, because I have severe cerebral palsy, my parents and family would walk me often in my house or at my grandparents’ house. A person would hold me under my arms and hold my arms together in the middle of my chest, and we would walk. My arms were held together so I could concentrate on walking instead of worrying about my arms flailing and getting into trouble.

Looking back on it, I wish my family had the Upsee when I was young. It is an awesome invention to help children with disabilities walk! The device is attached to a parent or caregiver, who walks with the child. A mother invented this wonderful walking device based on her own experience of walking her child. She wanted to find an easier way to provide him exercise.

Debby Elnatan invented the Upsee device for her son. He has cerebral palsy, and doctors told his mother not to let him crawl or stand, fearing spasticity. She didn’t listen and created a device that allowed her son to walk with her. She also wanted his hands to be free for playing and exploring.

Elnatan used the device until her son was 7 years old. She would adjust it as he grew for his comfort and support. Her invention took some time to become available for public purchase, but now it is readily available. You can purchase it directly from the Firefly website or even on Amazon. The price is what you would expect for a specialty mobility device, ranging from $450 to $675. Sizes vary from extra small to large. A large is for a child 6 to 8 years old. Despite the cost, I can say that I have not read one negative review of this product. Parents rave about how good it is for their children.

Not only are there many physical benefits of walking, such as weight bearing, but also many emotional benefits. Siblings can stand with each other, hug, and even play easily with others. Children can see the world from a different perspective and interact in ways that are not possible when sitting down. Families have been trying the Upsee and loving it! If you’re interested in learning more or ordering, visit the company’s website.


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  1. Juvy Tamayo says:

    Hello Mam,I am juvy tamayo,I have a child sufferring from cerebral palsy,name Robin 6 years old.I was just amazed that there is a device for walking upsee,I am living in the Philippines,how can I avail it and how much is the device?
    Thank you mam!

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