Tobii Dynavox Launches Speech Tablet with Symbol-based Communication

Tobii Dynavox Launches Speech Tablet with Symbol-based Communication

The Swedish assistive technology communication specialists Tobii Dynavox launched its new device called Indi, which they say is the world’s first integrated speech tablet designed especially for non-verbal consumers with alternative communication needs.

Key user groups for this product are expected to be people with cerebral palsy, autism, Down syndrome, and intellectual disabilities.

The Windows 10 based all-in-one Indi is priced at $999 and comes preinstalled with Tobii Dynavox’s new Snap symbol-based communication software ($179.99 if purchased separately). Snap is supported by the company’s Core First pageset, a word vocabulary delivery technology that draws on proven research conducted at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Core First is designed to help nonverbal or verbally limited Snap users build vocabulary and communication skills, and the program continuously evolves with them as they grow.

It’s easy to get started with Snap because users don’t have to spend hours on setup, choosing the right software, or getting the right content in place, because it’s already done. Snap + Core First is also backed by access to a free ecosystem of content and a library of resources.

The Indi tablet’s built-in speakers’ output is amply loud and clear to provide a voice powerful enough to be heard even in moderately noisy environments. The device’s housing is ergonomically designed for user comfort.

Indi running the Snap + Core First software is primarily controlled using its touchscreen, but also supports user input by switch-scanning or a head mouse.

“The Indi is a beautifully designed speech tablet that anyone would be proud to carry,” Fredrik Ruben, president of Tobii Dynavox, said in a press release. “We want to deliver a complete solution that is super easy to start using and that grows and adapts with the needs of symbol-based communicators.”

“Together with the full ecosystem of support like Pathways for Core First, we can now offer an unmatched program to enable verbally limited individuals to gain literacy and life changing independence,” he added.

The Indi tablet comes with everything the user will need to get it up and running. In addition to running the Snap + Core First software, as a Windows 10 device, Indi is able to accommodate a wide range of apps and computing and communication
needs, access to social media, email, texting, Web browsing, environmental control units, infrared, music, and video.

Accessories custom-designed for Indi are available such as kickstands, floorstands, tabletop mounts, a carry handle, and protective cases.

Indi can be ordered in select markets via or through a network of Tobii Dynavox sales consultants and resellers. For more information, visit