PathMaker Technology in MyoRegulator System for Cerebral Palsy Spasms Granted US Patent

PathMaker Technology in MyoRegulator System for Cerebral Palsy Spasms Granted US Patent

PathMaker Neurosystems recently announced that a U.S. patent has been granted covering Pathmaker’s DoubleStim technology, used in a device for treating muscle spasticity in cerebral palsy and other neuromotor conditions — the MyoRegulator system.

The MyoRegulator device is a noninvasive technique using a novel strategy to treat muscle spasms. The DoubleStim technology combines simultaneous stimulation of spinal and peripheral nerves, with the current focus of suppressing overactive spinal nerve circuits known to contribute to muscle spasms. The method can also be applied to other types of conditions and devices.

“We are pleased to see this latest patent issuance that supports PathMaker’s novel approach to the noninvasive treatment of chronic neuromotor conditions,” said Jake Maslow, J.D., chief intellectual property officer and executive vice president at PathMaker, in a press release. “This issued U.S. patent on our DoubleStim technology adds substantial coverage of our company’s next-generation noninvasive technology.”

The device currently under development, the MyoRegulator PM-2200 system, is intended for the treatment of muscle spasms in cerebral palsy, stroke, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, and a multitude of other neurological states. The spasms can severely impact quality of life by limiting the impact on movement.

The device was one of the first inventions accepted into U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Expedited Access Pathway intended for breakthrough products, and is now being tested in clinical trials at Northwell Health  and the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research.

“We are gratified to see this latest patent issuance, which covers the core technology underlying our company’s first product, MyoRegulator,” said PathMaker President and CEO Nader Yaghoubi. “Furthermore, this fundamental patent covers not only neuromotor applications of our technology, but also gives us broad coverage on next-generation approaches to autonomic neuromodulation” — a technology using electrical or electromagnetic stimulation of specific regions of the nervous system to alter physiological processes.

Most available neuromodulation techniques are invasive, and the few that are not focus on behavioral rather than neuromotor conditions, filling an unmet need in this patient population.

In addition to the focus on spasticity in neuromotor disorders, the clinical-stage neurotechnology company PathMaker develops other noninvasive neuro-therapy methods based on what PathMaker calls Coordinated Multi-Site Neurostimulation.

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