Music Listening Therapy Shows Benefits in Children with Cerebral Palsy, Company Reports

Music Listening Therapy Shows Benefits in Children with Cerebral Palsy, Company Reports

Advanced Brain Technologies recently published a study showing significant benefits in the use of The Listening Program method of music listening therapy in children with cerebral palsy and autism, among others. The study, “A Quantitative Summary of The Listening Program (TLP) Efficacy Studies: What Areas Were Found to Improve by TLP Intervention?”, was published in the journal Occupational Therapy International.

Researchers performed a quantitative analysis of published studies investigating how The Listening Program (TLP) method impacts various functions in children with cerebral palsy, a condition characterized by motor deficits as a result of abnormalities during utero development. They also assessed children with autism, Down syndrome, learning disabilities, auditory processing disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Rett syndrome, dyspraxia, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and stroke.

TLP consists in listening to acoustically modified music, every day for 15 minutes, through specialized headphones, which stimulate bone conduction and air conduction.

All studies analyzed revealed a significant benefit of TLP, varying from very large to small, in children. Two studies in particular showed a significantly larger effect. One examined the effect of TLP on the auditory capacity of children identified with autism, while the second investigated its effects in improving academic skills of underachieving schoolchildren. The larger effect sizes were obtained in studies examining children’s auditory processing/listening skills in comparison to those measuring non-auditory capacities. Authors noted that all examined outcomes revealed positive changes.

The authors concluded that the findings support that TLP as an effective therapeutic strategy for children with wide-ranging needs, and in particular for those with auditory processing deficits, autism, and with learning difficulties.

“We’re thrilled with the findings of this research as the results are consistent with feedback we receive about The Listening Program from parents and professionals worldwide. This particular study is important as it demonstrates the diverse uses for children with wide ranging needs, and it is particularly encouraging to see the large statistical results for children with autism and those underachieving in school,” Alex Doman, founder and CEO of Advanced Brain Technologies, said in a press release.  The company specializes in neuroscience-based music programs to stimulate brain capacities.